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Ep. 48 Little Nightmares – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 48 Little Nightmares - Simon's Cake Podcast   Greetings everyone out there on the interwebs!   Welcome to another episode of the Simon's Cake Games Podcast. On this episode we've got some Little Nightmares (2017) hot and fresh... Continue Reading →


Springcast 2017 – Simon’s Cake Games

Download Springcast 2017 - Simon's Cake Games Hello All!   Today's podcast is a little different, instead of serving you a delicious meal of a podcast, we're giving you appetizers of games we've all played! Basically, we pick one game... Continue Reading →

Ep. 44 Doom – Simon’s Cake Games Podcast

Download Ep. 44 Doom - Simon's Cake Games Podcast   Hello everyone! Today, hosts George and Joe are serving up an episode of Doom! They share their thoughts about why Doom (2016) is so good and distinguishes itself apart from... Continue Reading →

Ep. 41 Resident Evil 4 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 41 Resident Evil 4 - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello Hello! In this week's podcast, hosts Joe, George, and Kamille bring you their thoughts on Resident Evil 4 (2005) by Capcom. I'm very excited to add this game to... Continue Reading →

Ep40. Life Is Strange Ep5 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep40. Life Is Strange Ep5 - Simon's Cake Podcast   This is it. With four of our podcast episodes dedicated to Life is Strange (2015), we bring our journey to a close in this episode of the Simon's Cake... Continue Reading →

Ep39. Life Is Strange Ep4 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep39. Life Is Strange Ep4 - Simon's Cake Podcast We've returned to continue our Life is Strange journey! In this episode we break down episode 4: Dark Room of Life is Strange (2015). Kamille, Joe, and George share their... Continue Reading →

Ep. 35 Life Is Strange Ep3 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 35 Life Is Strange Ep3 - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello Hello! Welcome to another superb episode of the Simon's Cake Podcast, a video game podcast. I'm very happy to say we're back to talk about another episode of Life... Continue Reading →

Ep. 29 Unravel – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 29 Unravel - Simon's Cake Podcast Welcome Listeners! It's been a while, but before you start to fall apart, we've brought you another great episode of the Simon's Cake Podcast. This time it's Unravel (2016) by Coldwood Interactive... Continue Reading →

Ep. 24 Never Alone – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 24 Never Alone - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello Listeners! Welcome to our first official episode of 2016! We begin with our longest episode yet *cough* not really *cough. All joking aside, this episode is about the puzzle-platform game from Upper... Continue Reading →

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