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Ep. 47 Earthbound and Undertale – Simon’s Cake Games Podcast

Download Ep. 47 Earthbound and Undertale - Simon's Cake Games Podcast Hello fellow monsters and aliens, er, I mean humans!   Welcome back to another episode of Simon's Cake Games. We go back in time to our old format and... Continue Reading →


2016 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download 2016 End of Year Recap - Simon's Cake Podcast   Hello fellow listeners. As another year (thankfully) comes to a close, the crew from Simon's Cake, along with new semi-regular host Adrian, bring you our highs and lows of... Continue Reading →

Ep. 31 Pokemon R/B/Y – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 31 Pokemon RBY - Simon's Cake Podcast We're back with another superb episode of the Simon's Cake Podcast, a video game podcast! The game up for discussion is the classic GameBoy game Pokemon (1998 NA) by Game Freak! Although... Continue Reading →

Ep. 26 Secret of Mana – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 26 - Secret of Mana Greetings! On this freshly baked episode of Simon's Cake the usual crew of George, Kamille, and Joe serve up a helping of Secret of Mana.(1993) It was released on October 3rd, 1993 in... Continue Reading →

Ep. 25 Undertale – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 25 Undertale - Simon's Cake Podcast Welcome fellow Humans! We're very excited to bring you the latest Simon's Cake Podcast episode featuring Undertale (2015)! It was released September 15, 2015 for PC and developed by Toby Fox (who... Continue Reading →

Ep. 20 Bravely Default – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Default.... Default.... Default.... (wait for it).... Bravely 4x! Hello listeners! Welcome to our 20th episode of the Simon's Cake Podcast. This time we take on a 3DS game that's made many RPG fans excited to take on another epic journey... Continue Reading →

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