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Ep. 48 Little Nightmares – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 48 Little Nightmares - Simon's Cake Podcast   Greetings everyone out there on the interwebs!   Welcome to another episode of the Simon's Cake Games Podcast. On this episode we've got some Little Nightmares (2017) hot and fresh... Continue Reading →


Ep. 46 Horizon Zero Dawn – Simon’s Cake Games Podcast

Download Ep. 46 Horizon Zero Dawn - Simon's Cake Games Podcast Good day everybody! Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far. The ovens at the Simon's Cake Bakery have been running for awhile now, cooking up all sorts... Continue Reading →

Halloween Special 2016

Download Halloween Special 2016 Hello fellow ghost, ghouls, zombies, and vampires alike! Simon's Cake Games is passing out (virtual) candies in the form of video game opinions! Every October Simon's Cake Games plays 3 separate individual games, usually in the... Continue Reading →

Ep. 41 Resident Evil 4 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 41 Resident Evil 4 - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello Hello! In this week's podcast, hosts Joe, George, and Kamille bring you their thoughts on Resident Evil 4 (2005) by Capcom. I'm very excited to add this game to... Continue Reading →

Ep. 37 Oxenfree – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 37 Oxenfree - Simon's Cake Podcast Halloween, er, fall is right around the corner so to get into the spirit of the season we're kicking it off with Oxenfree (2016)! Join Kamille, Joe, George, unofficial 4th member Adrian,... Continue Reading →

Blogcast 4 – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Looking Forward

It's been a while Blogcast, it's been a while. Here's another blog about a game from an average gamer for all gamers! Hello hello! Before I get into it, a quick PSA: I'd like to thank you for visiting the site!... Continue Reading →

Playstation VR – Simons Cake Podcast

Download: Playstation VR Special Episode - Simons Cake Podcast Hello Hello! We've got a new special episode! This time we discuss Playstation VR and our experience demoing it for the first time. A couple of weeks ago, Kamille, Joe, and... Continue Reading →

Ep. 24 Never Alone – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 24 Never Alone - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello Listeners! Welcome to our first official episode of 2016! We begin with our longest episode yet *cough* not really *cough. All joking aside, this episode is about the puzzle-platform game from Upper... Continue Reading →

2015 End of Year Recap – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download: 2015 End of Year Recap - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello listeners! Another year in the books for our lives and for this podcast. In this episode, Kamille, Joe, George, and SPECIAL GUEST Adrian Nieto look back at the good... Continue Reading →

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