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Ep. 47 Earthbound and Undertale – Simon’s Cake Games Podcast

Download Ep. 47 Earthbound and Undertale - Simon's Cake Games Podcast Hello fellow monsters and aliens, er, I mean humans!   Welcome back to another episode of Simon's Cake Games. We go back in time to our old format and... Continue Reading →


2016 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download 2016 End of Year Recap - Simon's Cake Podcast   Hello fellow listeners. As another year (thankfully) comes to a close, the crew from Simon's Cake, along with new semi-regular host Adrian, bring you our highs and lows of... Continue Reading →

League of Legends Worlds 2016: Quarterfinals – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download League of Legends Worlds 2016: Quarterfinals - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello All!   It's been a bit but we're back with a snack podcast (it's smol) about our experience at the League of Legends Worlds 2016: Quarterfinals! Riot brought... Continue Reading →

Halloween Special 2016

Download Halloween Special 2016 Hello fellow ghost, ghouls, zombies, and vampires alike! Simon's Cake Games is passing out (virtual) candies in the form of video game opinions! Every October Simon's Cake Games plays 3 separate individual games, usually in the... Continue Reading →

Ep. 41 Resident Evil 4 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 41 Resident Evil 4 - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello Hello! In this week's podcast, hosts Joe, George, and Kamille bring you their thoughts on Resident Evil 4 (2005) by Capcom. I'm very excited to add this game to... Continue Reading →

Ep40. Life Is Strange Ep5 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep40. Life Is Strange Ep5 - Simon's Cake Podcast   This is it. With four of our podcast episodes dedicated to Life is Strange (2015), we bring our journey to a close in this episode of the Simon's Cake... Continue Reading →

Ep. 35 Life Is Strange Ep3 – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 35 Life Is Strange Ep3 - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello Hello! Welcome to another superb episode of the Simon's Cake Podcast, a video game podcast. I'm very happy to say we're back to talk about another episode of Life... Continue Reading →

Ep. 32 Playdead’s Inside – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 32 Playdead's Inside - Simon's Cake Podcast Hello everyone! Today we're here with a discussion about Playdead's new release Inside (2016). This game is out for the Xbox One console and Steam for the PC players out there.... Continue Reading →

Ep. 25 Undertale – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Download Ep. 25 Undertale - Simon's Cake Podcast Welcome fellow Humans! We're very excited to bring you the latest Simon's Cake Podcast episode featuring Undertale (2015)! It was released September 15, 2015 for PC and developed by Toby Fox (who... Continue Reading →

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