..to 2018!

2018 has been a very strange year for us here at the bakery. To put things bluntly we went through a change in our lineup and it left us at a loss for what to do next as a podcast. We went back and forth with scrapping this podcast altogether, to collaborating and creating something new, to limbo.

While collaborating on something new is definitely a possibility for Joe and I (Kamille), we have decided to keep Simon’s Cake Games going. Frankly, we love podcasting when time permits and don’t want to leave this behind because of the rocky road we had this year.

Moving forward, episode output won’t be as frequent as our prime but we do intend to rollout episodes when they come. We have 2 episodes waiting to be uploaded. They will come in 2019 and new stuff will follow. So you could say Simon’s Cake Games is… Still Alive. (:P) With that said it should be mentioned that Joe and I now have a 3rd player in our household! That just means we will have to be very specific in our game choices! So yes, welcome Luna to the Simon’s Cake Games family.


We hope to see you next year and beyond!


Until then, save your game and share your stories.


– The Simon’s Cake Games CREW!