Download Ep. 47 Earthbound and Undertale – Simon’s Cake Games Podcast

EB Undertale

Hello fellow monsters and aliens, er, I mean humans!


Welcome back to another episode of Simon’s Cake Games. We go back in time to our old format and talk about TWO games this episode! On this podcast Joe, Kamille, and Adrian talk and compare both Earthbound (1995) and Undertale (2015).  This was Joe and Kamille’s first time playing through Earthbound and Adrian’s first time with Undertale, so needless to day there is a lot to cover! It’s a long one, but with determination and a melody to push you forward, you can get through it!

The podcast starts in our typical non-spoiler fashion then goes to spoiler, with a warning of course. The music of Earthbound was composed by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka, and is featured in our podcast.


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