Download Ep. 46 Horizon Zero Dawn – Simon’s Cake Games Podcast


Good day everybody! Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far. The ovens at the Simon’s Cake Bakery have been running for awhile now, cooking up all sorts of good stuff for later. But today we have Horizon Zero Dawn for your listening pleasure. Hosts Kamille and Joe discuss a wide range of topics and theories about what is going on in this game. The game was released exclusively on the PS4, was developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

We start off the episode with some spoiler free discussion about our general likes and dislikes, get into a quick synopsis, and our general thoughts on the game as a whole. So don’t be scared to listen if you haven’t played the game yet. After that, however, is our Story Mode section where everything is on the table in terms of discussion but there is ample warning beforehand. We finish up with some quickfire questions before moving onto our final thoughts and recommendations. Spoiler Alert: We recommend this game to everyone and everyone.

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You can also see a few of the pictures we took in game down here. It was really hard to narrow it down so hope you enjoy!