Download Springcast 2017 – Simon’s Cake Games

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Hello All!


Today’s podcast is a little different, instead of serving you a delicious meal of a podcast, we’re giving you appetizers of games we’ve all played! Basically, we pick one game in the theme of action/platformer/fast-paced, and we talk about it in a non-spoiler fashion!


Now to address the “Springcast” part of this. We are starting a seasonal series where (as you may have guessed) for each season of the year, we play a game based on themes we pick for each season. Much like the Halloween episodes, we will all talk about different games without any spoilers to story or gameplay surprises. Think of it as a bookclub or gameclub, in the form of seasons of the year!

Now to business, in our first ever Springcast, Kamille, Joe, George, Adrian, and first-time guest Eddy, talk about their games from what the game did right in their genres, to favourite moments. Kamille played They Bleed Pixels (2012), Joe overcame Furi (2016), George tackled Strider (2014), Eddy takes De Blob 2 (2011), and Adrian balances two games, Gunpoint (2013) and Mark of the Ninja (2012). Again, this podcast is spoiler free so enjoy at your leisure. I hope you enjoy this new entry and join us for the next one: Summercast 2017!


Edward can be found on twitter @thatretrocode, he also has a podcast called Optional Opinion which you can find here.

Adrian’s twitter is @Bojoxz, and you can check out some of the cool games he’s made for mobile here!


Joe’s twitter is @RevenantThings, Kamille’s is @Ladyoddity, and George’s is @GeoGenesis999!