Download Ep. 42 Pony Island – Simon’s Cake Games Podcast


Hello! Hello!

2017! What’s up! New year, new episode. The wheels at Simon’s Cake Games are turning. To welcome in the new year, we start with an episode we recorded at the end of last year. Hosts Kamille and George discuss Pony Island (2016 Daniel Mullins Games) and all its mysteries.

Do not let the name fool you, Pony Island is an experience for everyone, not just 5 year-olds… Wait, scratch that. It might not be the best thing to let your 5 year-old play this one. What I’m really trying to say is Pony Island was a great surprise last year. Kamille and I (George) were really glad we got to this one. Listen in to this episode and you will hear us praise the intense pony gameplay, awesome music, frustrating puzzles, and simple yet creepy atmosphere.

The spoiler-free section in this episode is pretty short, but it’s a great introduction to Pony Island if you haven’t had the chance to look into this great indie game. After our spoiler-free section, we dive right into our SPOILER section and go in depth on our thoughts about the game. We do warn ahead of time before that section begins.

If you enjoy the episode or ponies, please feel free to give a comment, rating, follow, and all that jazz either here or on iTunes. You can reach us on twitter @simonscake. You can reach George on Twitter here @GeoGenesis999 and Kamille here @LadyOddity. Joe wasn’t in this episode, but please tell him to put his pony-phobia to the side and play this game @RevenantThings.

Thanks for listening!!!