Download Ep. 37 Oxenfree – Simon’s Cake Podcast


Halloween, er, fall is right around the corner so to get into the spirit of the season we’re kicking it off with Oxenfree (2016)! Join Kamille, Joe, George, unofficial 4th member Adrian, and new guest Anthony, as they explore this “supernatural, coming of age” story based game. Night School Studio developed and published Oxenfree, Heather Gross was the artist, Adam Hines was the writer, and scntfc (Andrew Rohrmann) composed the music, which is featured in our podcast.

We discuss this game in two parts, non-spoilers and spoilers. There will be a warning before we get into our spoiler section or as we call it, Story Mode.


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Adrian and Anthony are both part of the NVC Video Game Book Club, you can join the group and play along!


Music for Oxenfree can be purchased here!