Download Ep. 25 Undertale – Simon’s Cake Podcast

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Welcome fellow Humans!

We’re very excited to bring you the latest Simon’s Cake Podcast episode featuring Undertale (2015)! It was released September 15, 2015 for PC and developed by Toby Fox (who is also the game’s writer and composer).

This time, Kamille, Joe, and George welcome a new SPECIAL GUEST, Zac Bruin. In the episode, we all discuss how, although Undertale may seem minimal in design and graphics, the game still finds many ways to shine with its heartfelt story, well thought-out mechanics, and interesting twists on RPGs and modern games. We all enjoyed it very much and were pleased in how it took us by surprise again and again.

The episode begins with our usual non-spoiler section. So if you have yet to play or finish Undertale, please feel free to listen in on our overall impressions of the game. The later portion of the podcast does include a SPOILER SECTION (our longest one yet) were we go in depth about our favorite characters, interactions, music, and various aspects of the game. We do warn ahead of time before we begin that section.

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And please, if you enjoyed the music as much as we did, pick up the official Undertale soundtrack by Toby Fox here.

This is a cool gem we found that we wanted to share. It’s jazzy Undertale, Live at Grillby’s by insaneintherainmusic.