Halloween Special 2015 – Simon’s Cake Podcast


The Simon’s Cake crew get together with special guest Adrian to talk about the games they played to get into the Halloween spirit! The games they talk about are Bioshock (2007), Dying Light (2015), Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010), and Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (2015). The first half of the podcast is spoiler free and there is a warning when spoiler content will be discussed. The music featured in this podcast comes from Garry Schyman (Bioshock), Paweł Błaszczak (Dying Light), Mikko Tarmia (Amnesia: The Dark Decent), Torikago – In This Cage – Theme song from Tsuki Amano (Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water).

A quick note from George about Dying Light: I didn’t take advantage of the multiplayer element of the game so sorry I couldn’t talk about it in the podcast. If anyone can let me know if it’s any good playing the game with friends or online, I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s still a great game to enjoy on single-player.

Adrian’s twitter and Youtube. You can also listen to him as a guest on the Optional Opinion Podcast.

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