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Put on your rain coat, break out your umbrellas, it’s time for Heavy Rain (2010) by Quantic Dream for the PS3. It’s a game where it never stops raining and you’ve got to stop a serial killer by following 4 distinct characters.


Ep. 19 Heavy Rain – Simon’s Cake Podcast

In this episode of the Simon’s Cake Podcast, we welcome back our special guest from or 16th episode, Adrian Nieto. Along with hosts Kamille, Joe, and George, they discuss their individual playthroughs of Heavy Rain and share their thoughts on the frustrating controls, the countless QTEs, the gripping story, and the 4 memorable characters.

Since this is a very narrative-focused game, the non-spoiler section at the start is a bit shorter than the spoiler section. Listen freely at the beginning, however, if you’re avoiding spoilers for this game, we do warn before we begin the second half, the SPOILER SECTION.  The game was written and directed by David Cage. The score was composed by Normand Corbeil.

Leave us any comments, questions, or feedback below or on twitter @simonscake. Share with us your reactions to this interesting PS3 classic. Who was your favorite character? What was your favorite moment?

Enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening!

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