Greetings valiant listeners, “Steel thy shovel!” We’ve got an awesome new episode from Simon’s Cake Video Game Podcast. Episode 16 is an amazing combination of modern and retro gaming with Shovel Knight (2014) by Yacht Club Games and Mega Man X (1994 NA release) by Capcom.

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Ep. 16 Shovel Knight & Mega Man X – Simon’s Cake Podcast

Hosts Kamille, Joe, and George along with SPECIAL GUEST Adrian Nieto discuss their past and present endeavors with Shovel Knight and Mega Man X. All of us enjoyed Shovel Knight on Nintendo 3DS. Kamille and George did their playthrough of Mega Man X on PS2 via the Mega Man X Collection. As Joe and Adrian mention, they’ve played Mega Man X on various platforms, such as Super Nintendo and PS2.

Overall, it’s an episode full of praise, frustration, reverence, excitement, and delight for both games. If you listen in on the podcast, you’ll hear Kamille’s struggle with the difficulty curves of both Mega Man X  and Shovel Knight. She praises Mega Man X for its game design, how defeating bosses affects other levels for example, and shares her strife with Plague Knight. George talks about his favorite moments in Shovel Knight, such as fighting Specter Knight, and admits his fear of Mega Man games. Both Joe and Adrian converse about what makes Shovel Knight great and pay their respects to Mega Man X. They share their stories of growing up with Mega Man and how it shaped their future in gaming.

This podcast is a grand discussion of both games in unison. There are no individual sections in the podcast. Also, there is no designated SPOILER section since neither game is very spoiler heavy. HOWEVER, THE ENDINGS OF BOTH GAMES ARE DISCUSSED AT THE END OF THIS PODCAST. We do warn ahead of time before we dive into the endings, so feel free to listen in. The composers for Shovel Knight are Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae and for Megaman X are Setsuo Yamamoto, Makoto Tomozawa, Yuki Iwai, Yuko Takehara, Toshihiko Horiyama. Both soundtracks are featured in the podcast.

Leave any comments, questions, or feedback below. Feel free to share with us your experiences with either game. What was your favorite moment of Shovel Knight? How many times have you beat Mega Man X?

Hope you enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening!

P.S. Did you see the cover art of these games and the pictures above? Notice the similarities? Strange how we ended up podcasting these games together…

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Unintelligent Robot Snake
Mega Man X shooting Unintelligent Robot Snake’s head
The Blue Troll of Shovel Knight
The Blue Troll of Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight's epic final battle
Shovel Knight’s epic final battle
"You caught me..."
“You caught me…”